Saskatoon Civic Election Candidate Tracker

This is the final list of nominated mayoral, council, public and separate school division candidates for the 2020 Saskatoon Civic Election:


Charlie Clark (incumbent)

Clark’s campaign is expected to focus on defending his record over the past 4 years, such as property taxes (this year’s increase being the lowest in a decade), the hiring of a new police chief, and the opening of large projects like the Remai Modern and the Chief Mistawasis Bridge and new Traffic Bridge.

Rob Norris
The former Saskatchewan Party cabinet minister has not been shy out of the gate in criticizing Clark as being too “passive,” and has so far focused heavily on crime and safety, property taxes and affordability.

Cary Tarasoff

This is the self-employed planner’s first entry into politics, who has released a platform that in part questions the city’s plans to fund projects such as a new library in the middle of a pandemic, and rather focus on repairing sidewalks, more private development, and more infill development along 20th St and Pleasant Hill.

Mark Zielke

A self-described “advocate for justice” and entrepreneur, Zielke previously ran for Ward 2 in the 2016 civic election, finishing third. He has criticized city council for high property tax increases and Clark and current council for “inaction” and imposing punitive fees for businesses, including pot shops.

Zubair Sheikh

A former Clark supporter, the civil engineer has been vocal about consistently high property taxes and unwise spending, and calling for “smart budgeting” and a property tax freeze. He has previously run as the Saskatchewan NDP candidate in Saskatoon Southeast in the 2011 provincial election.

Don Atchison

Saskatoon’s longest-serving mayor (2003 to 2016), narrowly defeated by Clark in 2016, confirmed speculation and announced on Aug 28th that he is running again.

Ward 1

Kevin Boychuk

Aron Cory

Darren Hill (incumbent)

Kyla Kitzul

Ward 2

Hilary Gough (incumbent)

Rosalia Kasleder

Ward 3

Bobbi Ehman

Elizabeth Faye

David Kirton

Janine Lazaro

Mark Mills

Colin Prang

Nick Sackville

Chris Sicotte

(Current Councillor Ann Iwanchuk is not seeking re-election)

Ward 4

Troy Davies (incumbent) (acclaimed)

Ward 5

Randy Donauer (incumbent)

Paul Miazga

Ward 6

Cynthia Block (incumbent)

Lee Kormish

Jonathan Naylor

Ward 7

Mairin Loewen (incumbent)

Carol Reynolds

Jim Rhode

Darcy Warrington

Ward 8

Sarina Gersher (incumbent)

Ron Mantyka

Brian Shalovelo

Ward 9

Bev Dubois (incumbent)

Carla Shabaga

Ward 10

AJ Itterman

Zach Jeffries (incumbent)

Anjum Saeed

Public School Board Trustee

Ward 1 – Michael Pidwerbeski (acclaimed)
Ward 2 – Vernon J. Linklater, Ciprian (Chip) Prevost
Ward 3 – Donna Banks (acclaimed)
Ward 4 – Cameron Scott, Kim Stranden
Ward 5 – Colleen MacPherson (acclaimed)
Ward 6 – Kathleen Brannen, Gale Hagblom
Ward 7 – Ross Tait (acclaimed)
Ward 8 – Malvina Rapko, Suzanne Zwarych
Ward 9 – Charmaine Bellamy, Fatima Coovadia
Ward 10 – Angela Arneson, Asim Rashid, Jennie Vessey

Separate School Board Trustee

Seven at-large trustees to be elected

Shawn Baier
Ron Boechler (incumbent)
Diane Boyko (incumbent)
Hudson Byblow
Jim Carriere (incumbent)
Dana A. Case
Bronwynn Cutts
Tim Jelinski (incumbent)
Richard Kolla
Deb Scherbanuik Malasky
Blake Sittler
Sharon Zakreski-Werbicki (incumbent)